15th Anniversary Celebrations at Omni Casino

15 years on, Omni Casino continues to be at the forefront of innovation among online casinos.

When Omni Casino was founded in 1997, its aim was to provide members with exciting online casino action in a secure environment. Its founders understood that online gamers seek honesty, fairness and transparency.

Its dedication to this aim has seen it build up a loyal member base, and hundreds of thousands of members frequent its virtual doors every year.

In addition, it has won more than 30 awards over the past 15 years, from such aficionados as Gambling Online, Playboy and Casino Player.

But the loyalty and appreciation of fans means more to Omni Casino than awards. This is partly why their promotions, like the monthly Hot Seat and Double Royals, are among the best in the business.

Omni Casino has plenty in store to celebrate 15 years of pure casino entertainment, including special promotions and bonuses. It has also confirmed it will continue its best ever welcome bonus, 133% up to $133 on first deposits.


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