Study Finds Online Gaming is a Stress Buster

Both formal and informal studies have found that online gaming reduces stress levels.

A new study, done in Canada's Mc Gill University, reports that online gaming could actually improve your health. The study found that levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, fell by an average of 17 percent after playing online games such as casino games.

Other studies have also pointed to a link between online gaming and stress relief. A 6 month study of 134 subjects at Eastern Carolina University concluded that online gaming can reduce stress and improve one's mood.

More concrete evidence comes from Oxford University, which found that online gaming could even help sufferers of post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

An informal study conducted by an online casino on Blackjack players found that 74 percent of players believed that online casino games were not only enjoyable but relieved stress. This figure was 77 percent among Roulette players in a similar study.

Therefore, a growing body of research shows that online gaming is not only fun and potentially profitable but also a great stress reliever!


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