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Agreement Prevents Strike in Detroit's Three Casinos

On October 18th, 2007, verging on a costly strike that could cost a lot of jobs and state taxes, the MotorCity casino and it union organization reached an agreement that will likely solve the problem at the three casinos in the city.

The agreement between the parties stops the first strike that could happen in the growing casino industry of Detroit. One hour before the deadline, employees were briefed about the agreement. Union officials advised their members to attend to their work because a new contract will be release within the week.

The agreement will also apply to the Greektown Casino and the MGM Grand Detroit casino. It also ended the unrest in Detroit, which has experienced two strikes in the last month and currently in the middle of talks to avoid a third strike.

The chief operating officer of the MotorCity Casino Rhonda Cohen said that it has been a hard negotiation but they have managed to close a contract. Negotiators from the union said that they are also relieved to have settled the issue.

Jimmy Settles, a vice president of the United Auto Workers said that they have managed to settle an agreement that will greatly help their members. Although talks continue with the other two casinos, the final contracts will be used to all three casinos.

Because the negotiators on both sides had the most problems to deal with the MotorCity casino agreement, they were hopeful that it will prevent any future problems. The spokesperson for the MGM Grand Detroit, Scott Grigg said that talks will still continue to iron out small details.

The details of the agreement will be unveiled to the members of the Detroit Casino Council, which is composed of 5 unions that has more than 2,000 employees working at the MotorCity casino facility.

The 5 unions that are in the council are the United Auto Workers, the Teamsters, the Carpenters, the International Union of Operating Engineers and the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees.

The unions represent more than 6,000 employees for the three casinos in Detroit. Although the council decided to allow at a strike at any casinos in Detroit should an agreement never finalized, the employees at the MotorCity never pursue the strike.

The casinos just close their doors and wait for the result. It was unclear on how much the closure cost Detroit and the casinos. Casino profits and tax costs have improved over the past year.


11/07/2007 05:05 PM


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