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Attorney General Marc Dann Certifies Casino Initiative in Ohio

On December 21st, 2007, the Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann approved the language for the initiative to put the $600,000,000 resort/casino in Ohio on the November 4th, 2008 referendum. The Ohio Ballot board under the leadership of Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said that the language shows a single issue.

This will allow the team from the chance to begin gathering the 402,275 signatures that are needed to put the issue on the ballot. The co-founder of, Dr. Bradford Pressman said that they believe that they are now forming a casino issue that has an importance for Ohio.

With the 37 states and every state that shares a boundary with Ohio that already have casinos like Kentucky, it is an issue that has a great importance for voters. He added that their main plan is to share the profits evenly with all 88 counties. It will also help counties to lower their taxes and use the money to make some improvements in their own community. The


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