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Casino Baccarat History

Baccarat history is traced down to several optional origins. This origin is known mostly to researchers and serious gamblers and are not available in the typical online casino. Some say Baccarat is based on a game that was played in France and Italy around 1490. This explanation is a fascinating legend, or myth, and it traces the game back to ancient Rome. About 600 years B.C., a peculiar praying session is said to have taken place in the Temple of Golden Hair in Etruscan Rome. In this strange event, 9 gods prayed on their tip toes to a virgin that threw a die at their feet. If the die rolled 8/9, then she would be crowned priestess. If the die score was 6/7, her status would be lost, and 5 or lower would result with her walking to her death in the sea. This is an interesting tale that gives a mystical origin to Baccarat history.

The European game

The European Baccarat games all originate from the bacara game from Italy. The name Baccarat has an Italian genealogy meaning Zero, which is also the value of picture and ten cards in Baccarat rules.

A later Baccarat history development happened around 1500 when the game was renamed Chmin De Fer for its French version. This term means railroad in French, and no one exactly knows why this name got stuck to Baccarat. By the 20th century the game became widely popular throughout the French Riviera and was called Chemmy of Shimmy.

From Havana to Nevada

Baccarat history became global when the game started spreading across the globe, reaching popularity in South America, especially Argentina and Cuba. The Cuban variation of Baccarat would later be adopted by the American version of the game, after a gambling expert named Renzoni brings the game to the Sands Hotel in Nevada in 1958. This was not a success, partly because most American gamblers took a bigger interest in simpler games such as Craps at the time.

Baccarat history has developed tremendously over the years, developing American versions and mini Baccarat version to adapt to the different crowds of gamblers around the world. Today people play online Casino Baccarat from the comfort of their own home, and this has been the latest technological leap for the game. Today's top online casino sites offer Baccarat gaming possibilities that have never been accessible to players before. To find out more about modern Baccarat, please check out other pages on this site to get informed.

Paula Fanter, Managing Editor


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