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The online gaming community has a new voice. Craps online has been launched on June 6th, 2009 with an objective of taking a light hearted view of the world of gaming. Craps online spokesperson Billy Humbert said that there is so much going on the gaming industry, from the laws followed in the market, to the gaming operations, right down to the lotteries that they have felt that it was the right time to shed light to what is going on, and combined with their good writers has made for some good stories so far.

Craps online puts a new spin on the current gaming news and makes it more interesting and informative. New land-based and online casino facilities are being developed on a daily basis and it has created a stiff competition for players. That has lead to some of the most outrageous advertisements and promotions offered by casinos to attract more customers.

Craps online discuss those promotions in the "Holy Craps" section of Craps online. The site's "Crapped Out" section was made for players who are out of luck. Some of the stories in this category make even the player with the worst luck look like they possess a four leaf clover. "Legal Crap" is a category dedicated to legal gaming news.

The site also features "Cranky Carl", Craps Online's resident loser. Cranky Carl's journeys are documented at the "Crappy Hands" section for players to read as well as other poker related gaming news. Overall, attempts to lighten up the usual take


06/25/2009 21:31 PM


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