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California Tribes Offers Slot Machines at Casinos

On February 8th, 2008, now that amended gambling compact in California have been passed by the state voters, the four American Indian tribes allowed brand new slot machines are not wasting any time in expanding their gaming offering.

The Morongo casino facility has already 400 slot machines working and the Penchanga Casino expects to offer 400 more slot machines in the next few days. The Agua Caliente Casino facility will feature more than 300 slot machines by the end of February. They will add 500 hundred more by the end of April.

The initial payments that will be made to the state are due on June 30th, 2008, which is more than $40 million. This profit is based on the existing slot machines and does not include the new slot machines. Before Governor Schwarzenegger ratified the new agreement, the state was not earning anything from the old slot machines.

The Indian tribes and Gov. Schwarzenegger claimed that the state's share through the year 2030 will be as big as $9 billion. But critics said that it is only around $3.4 billion. The sooner that the slot machines are installed and available for gambler, the sooner that the cash will be given to the state and the tribes will earn.

A player at the Morongo Casino, Jose Morales commented that he is excited for the new slot machines. The Sycuan Indian Tribe will also offer new slot machines but the timetable has not been set up. The state of California has had to wait a long time for the lawsuits made by critics and other interests to be finished.


03/03/2008 22:47 PM


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