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Casino Developer Osborne Hears Concerns of Bournemouth Residents

On May 27, 2007, council officials explained their main priorities for the controversial casino facility project to the casino developer.

The councilors from Bournemouth Borough are currently in a series of talks with casino developer Trevor Osborne over the gambling casino project, although the contract for the project has already been signed.

At the last meeting between the 2 parties, the Bournemouth Borough's Council Cabinet decided to push for some changes at the Pavilion Theatre and the Casino Facility, but it did not set aside the idea of scrapping the whole idea, even if this would cost the Bournemouth Borough Council millions of pounds.

Council leader, Stephen MacLoughlin, said that the meeting had gone well with the casino developer and they were able to inform them of the council's concerns. The Council Cabinet is clear that they should push for the concerns that the residents of Bournemouth have.

Mr. Trevor Osborne has promised the council to review all of the issues presented to him by the council.

Osborne said that the council's requirements are limiting the space that would be used for gambling activities, having more family oriented attraction and the assurance of the casino that pubs, entertainment clubs and amusement arcades will not be a part of the casino developer's plans.

The Bournemouth Council also wants a thorough review of the casino proposal and the developer has been urged to consider the proposals from the Commission for Architecture, the Council's planning board and the Built Environment.

The designs should show a good view of Bath Hill and some views on the Pavilion west terrace. Trevor Osborne commented that it is important to him that the plan is approved by the residents in Bournemouth.

Osborne said the meeting with the council leaders was very fruitful. He stated that he will be working with his team to ensure that they will be able to implement all the changes of the council and the residents of Bournemouth. The Bournemouth Councilors and the casino developer will talk again after 2 weeks.


06/03/2007 21:00 PM


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