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Casino Could Give More than $2 Million to Ohio Counties

On December 9th, 2007, the developers who want to construct a $600 million casino resort in Clinton County commented that it could produce more than $1.6 million annually for Clark County and more than $500,000 for Champaign County annually.

The developers of the casino,, LLC are trying to put the issue on the November 2008 ballot so that voters could decide on whether or not they want the casino. Casino gaming is strictly prohibited in Ohio. The developers propose to construct a casino facility on 94 acres of land in Clinton County.

The land was located on what founder Rick Lertzman appropriately named the Golden Triangle between Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton. All of the eighty-eight counties in Ohio would share the profits, according to the proposal. Clark County Commissioner John Detrick commented that they are already surrounded with states that feature gaming so it is only a good idea to keep the money inside the state. Additionally, the online casinos threaten to take money out of the state as well.

Commissioner David Hartley commented that he is not yet sure on whether he is in favor of building a casino but said he is concerned that a lot of residents in Ohio visit other casinos outside the state. While Champaign County Commissioner Bob Corbett would not reject his county's estimated $445,470 annually, he does not know how one county hosting the casino and all of the surrounding counties receiving a portion of the profits will work.

He added that if the accountants figured how to do it and divide the profits evenly, then the whole thing might work out. must get 402,275 signatures to put the casino issue on the November referendum.


12/30/2007 07:29 PM


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