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Casino Industry Leader Stanley Ho at Premier Iemma State Dinner

On September 6th, 2007, casino tycoon Stanley Ho from Macau got a prime slot at Premier Morris Iemma's head table for the visiting Chinese president at an important time for the casino license issue in Sydney.

The twelve year casino license held by Tabcorp for Star Casino facility will be expiring in a week. It was reported that the government of Premier Morris Iemma was studying on whether or not to give a second casino license for New South Wales, particularly in the Hunter Region or in Tweed Heads.

This decision is opposed by Tabcorp which promised to spend $300 million in remodeling Star Casino if their casino license is extended by the government. Octogenarian Dr. Stanley Ho, who likes tango dancing, was accompanied by one of his wives, Angela Ho at the state dinner for President Hu Jintao of China.

Ho reportedly donated $109,000 to the state ALP for the election campaign. Ho had monopolized the casino industry in Macau but in 1999, he was forced to compete with new gaming organization after Macau was handed back to Chinese rule.

Dr. Ho has been plagued with allegations that he has links with Chinese gangs. This caused him to leave one of the consortiums that are bidding for a license in NSW in 1990. Just recently, he voluntarily left from a joint casino venture with the PBL organization of James Packer which aims to build new casino/resorts in Macau.


10/14/2007 03:40 PM


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