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Casino Operator William Yung III Criticize for Campaign Contribution

William Yung III is a known personality in the casino gaming industry. He is the chairman of the Columbia Sussex Corporation. But he has been receiving opposition for his substantial campaign contributions. On February 23rd, 2008, it was revealed to the public that Yung made a donation of $1 million to help the political campaign of Steve Beshear.

That campaign donation, together with Steve Beshear's support of gaming, help him be elected the Governor of Kentucky. While some people feel that it is not right for Yung to make the contribution, he has no regrets about it. He said that he is just practicing his first amendment rights on where he want to place down his hard earned cash.

Just last month, Yung bought a land in Northern Kentucky. He plans to build a casino in the property should a proposal be passed that will allow the construction of seven new casino facilities in the state. The state of Kentucky has never been a big fan of casino. For a number of years, legislators have dismissed plans to bring casino gaming into the state. But this gambling proposal rapidly attracting attention.

Beshear commented that if all the seven casino facilities were approved, the state could receive a total of $600 million in total state profits annually. That kind of cash can be used by the state if they have a serious budget deficit.


04/07/2008 01:01 PM


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