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Casino Operators Bid for Kansas's Casinos

On May 22nd, 2008, Pinnacle Entertainment Incorporated, which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada commented that they plan to spend $624 million for their facility which includes a casino that houses 2,300 slot machines and two hotel facilities that has five hundred rooms, which will open around September 2010. Legends Sun also plans to spend $761 million to build a casino facility that will offer 2,400 slot machines and a three hundred fifty room hotel facility that will open on October 2010.

Sands Kansas proposed to invest $772 million for a casino facility that will include five thousand slot machines and a three hundred room hotel facility that will open on January 2011. The first day of the Lottery Commission's review were about Sumner County, where two developers hope to construct a casino facility outside Wellington and two others want to construct a casino in Mulvane, despite some criticisms from the residents in the area.

The investments range from $365 million to $509 million. All four developers are hoping to begin their operation on 2010. All of the proposals also state that they plan to build a hotel and offer 2,000 slot machines and fifty casino table games. Lawmakers have approved the law allowing casinos in Kansas last year.

The law states that the brand new gaming will be owned by the state of Kansas but it gives permission to the Kansas Lottery Commission to contract gaming developers to construct and manage the casino facilities. The state is hoping to receive around $200 million annually from the new gaming activities in the state. The new gaming law is still being studied by the Kansas Supreme Court, on the question of whether the casinos will be owned by the state of Kansas.


06/02/2008 02:49 PM


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