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Choctaw Casino Resort Finalizes Preparations for Grand Opening

The Choctaw Casino Resort does not have to wait longer before players are streaming through its entrances. The grand opening of the facility is now set on February 9th, 2010 and there will be some big name celebrities in the gaming world on hand for the grand opening.

Final preparations are taking place at the different parts of the facility. There are still construction working placing finishing touches on the gaming establishment and electricians are hard at work finishing their responsibilities. Opening ceremonies for the casino facility will begin at 6:00 p.m. on February 9th.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and then players will be permitted to enter the facility and start to gamble. It is an even that all involved are eagerly looking forward to.

Edye Tomasello, the director of marketing at the Choctaw Casino Resort said that they will be giving opening presents to the first several thousand visitors that will come in.

Tomasello added that all the venues will be open to their guests. The hotel is taking reservations and a list of invited guests will get a first glimpse of the facility a week before the official opening.

At that time, the special guests will be permitted to experience first what will be the gaming public will experience on the grand opening. Customers of the hotel will surely enjoy the spa, conference center and a business center.

There will also be a 110,000 square feet of gaming space and an amphitheatre that can accommodate 175 individuals.


02/11/2010 11:41 PM


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