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The City Council of Philadelphia Gives their Nod in Casino Vote

On March 16, 2007, Pennsylvania residents against casino construction near the residential area won a hearing in the city council. City council voted unanimously to hold a referendum on the chosen casino sites for the upcoming May 15, 2007 primary ballot for the mayoralty position.

The upcoming referendum will give the residents the power to decide for themselves on a change regarding the city charter, which is prohibiting casino construction within 1,500 ft near any school, playground, church or similar property. If the referendum is approved, it will effectively block plans for the construction of the Foxwoods Casino Philadelphia on Columbus Boulevard and the SugarHouse Casino on North Delaware Avenue.

The Gaming Board of Pennsylvania has awarded those gambling casino projects the 2 licenses that have been set aside for the state of Pennsylvania. A spokesman representing the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) said that it is exploring the consequences of the resolution by the city council and thinking of the steps they need to take to solve this problem.

Any challenge to the resolution will have to be based on a premise that the ballot is against the legislation passed by the state which allows the operation of the slots parlors in the area.


08/05/2007 23:39 PM


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