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Dealers at the Wynn Las Vegas Casino Decided to Join the Union

According to union head and Baccarat casino dealer, Dennis Laux, on May 13, 2007, casino dealers working at Wynn Las Vegas unanimously voted to join a union. Laux announced that the casino dealers voted 444 versus 149 in favor of joining under the Transportation Workers Union of America. The vote was ratified by the National Labor Relations Board last Saturday and early Sunday morning.

The union vote will put an end to the months of intense debate at the Wynn Las Vegas gambling casino after top management officials decided to implement an unpopular tip sharing plan last September 2007.

In the plan, the supervisor will have a percentage on the tips given to the dealers. The casino commented that they have made an excellent management plan that will give good compensation to the supervisors and provide the employees with motivation to try and get promoted.

According to the dealers, this management plan will take 20% off their income. The union vote was also pushed through despite the plea from Wynn Casino Resorts Chief Executive Steve Wynn. During his meeting with the casino dealers on May 10, 2007, Wynn said that the supervisor-dealer tip sharing idea is a bad plan.


05/24/2007 20:15 PM


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