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EW Law Allows Atlantic City Casinos to Open Despite Any Problems

Unless that there are some natural disaster that will occur, the casinos of Atlantic City will always remain open. That is the main effect of the law approved by Governor Jon Corzine on June 27th, 2008 that will allow the city's eleven casino facilities to remain open if the state government will shutdown.

The new law permits casino facilities to temporarily manage themselves without the help of state inspectors. But the brand new law gives permission to the governor to close the casinos and increase fines if they commit any wrongdoings especially when the inspectors are not there to monitor their actions.

Atlantic City's five billion dollars a year gaming industry had proposed the law since the state government experienced a statewide shutdown in 2006 which shutdown the casinos for almost 3 days, causing a $55 million in total loss. Joe Corbo, the president of the Casino Association of New Jersey commented that this is a positive result and will ensure that the shutdown and loss of profits will not happen again. The state of New Jersey is compelled by law to have a budget in place by July 1st, 2008.

The 2006 shutdown of the casino facilities happened during the July 4th holiday, which should have been an important day for the casinos. The main provision of the brand new law will give permission to casino facilities to handle themselves temporarily even without the state inspectors. Because those inspectors are not classified as important personnel like police officers, they could not be paid during the shutdown on 2006 and are unable to work at the casinos.

Previously, without the inspectors, the casinos cannot open for business. The casinos will have to make sure that their customers follow the rules because if they do not do it, Governor Corzine has the power to immediately shutdown the casino and increase its fine.


07/03/2008 03:21 PM


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