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Online Casino Gambling Ban Stalled

Online Casino Gambling may be in danger of being shut down in the United States because of a procedure that will effectively block every single online casino form its sources of funding. Republican Arizona Senator Kyle tried to pass a proposal that would in effect forbid banks and credit card companied from paying the online casinos. However, the resolution was blocked by the legislature, and did not pass.

This raises the question whether the future of online casino gambling is limited. The legislators seem to want to block and ban casino gambling in any way they can. While this recent maneuver was blocked, it must be said the future does not look all the bright for gamblers in the online casinos. More and more bills will be attempted to be passed for the complete removal of online casino gambling society. It must be asked whether this is a good thing or not.

Americans have the right to spend their money as and where they choose, and if it is in gambling, it is a good way to pass the time and the entertain oneself. Whatever the concerns of the legislators that minors and compulsive gamblers will play, online casino gambling is indeed safe and all the precautions have been taken.

Marissa Joneborough, Editor. 22/09/05


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