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Genting Stanley Study Shows that Diversifying Will Help Casinos Survive

On June 15th, 2008, one of the biggest gambling operators in Britain, Genting Stanley commented that the future of the gambling industry relies heavily on attracting customers that belongs to the age group twenty years old and early 30's who frequented casinos to not only gamble but to eat at the restaurants and bars of the casino facility.

The study also states that the casino gaming industry needs to modernize if they want to recover from the bad year it had in 2007, where gambling duty grow from 2.5 percent to fifteen percent and the smoking ban severely affecting the profits of the casinos. It also suffered from the decision to put some restrictions on the new casinos that were being constructed in Britain.

The executive deputy chairman of Genting Stanley, Peter Brooks, which has four casino facilities located on the Central Belt, commented that gaming operators are investing more in food and drink side of their gambling businesses and are beginning to make additional attractions that can lure in younger customers.

The director of the Alea Casino in Glasgow, Paul Rety commented said that although their casino has twenty-one casino tables, they are focusing on diversifying their offerings by adding three bars, restaurants and others. The Alea casino is owned by the London Clubs International.

Just recently, Genting Stanley has tasked celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli to make a new menu for its casinos. Brooks commented that he is expecting that a number of casinos will continue to struggle for a number of years as they continue to try to adapt with the changing environment especially with the state of the world economy.


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06/30/2008 03:19 PM


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