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Golden Palace Online Casino Buys Jesus Dumpling

Every so often, we must dedicate a page to the trailblazing online casino, Golden Palace, in order to tell of their latest publicity stunts. Once, there was the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich, a haunted walking cane, and their latest acquisition. It turns out that a person auctioned on E-Bay a dumpling that had the likeness of the Savior, and was bout at almost two thousand dollars.

When asked why spend money on these kind of thing, Golden Palace answered that they would continue to buy these objects for as long as people were interested in them. This of course, means forever.

Be that as it may, on inspection of the pierogi, it turns out that it really did look like Jesus Christ, and was worth keeping. Golden Palace online casino intends to put all the objects into a kind of movable museum and to put it on display all across the country. It should be interesting to see, and more importantly. It is good to see that an online casino shows such interest in the community, and displays its artifacts to please and delight the public.

Written by Kali Caitlin 18.08.05

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