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Golden Palace Online Casino Buys a Womens Forehead

Golden Palace has been known to pull the craziest publicity stunts on order to get attention, and it seems that it works. Wherever you turn, you may see another piece of proof that the gambling wizards at Golden Palace seem to have a sense of humor. Perhaps their most famous exploit was the purchase of a sandwich for many thousands of dollars, just because it reputedly bore the likeness of the Virgin Mary on it.

However, their latest acquisition makes even that seem normal. After responding to an auction on EBay, the online casino purchased advertising space on… a woman's forehead. Kari Smith was paid 10,000 dollar so that the Golden Palace logo could appear on it. This may sound strange, even inhuman, but the woman was apparently satisfied, since she wanted to use the money in order to put her son through college.

An even more unusual purchase was a glass jar waved in the general area of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the premier of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It will be interesting to continue to watch for updates on the new purchases by the online casino.

Written by Bob Conner on the 3rd of July 2005

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