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Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Deploys Scala's Info Channel Network

On July 23rd, 2008, Scala, a provider of end-to-end signage software, announced that the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has deployed an InfoChannel of Scala as part of their renovation project. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is a 16.7 acre casino facility which feature 700 hotel rooms, a moderately size casino gaming floor, dining areas and a well-known pool for their Sunday "Rehab" or for Saturday night partiers.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino wanted to replace their system that transmits video over the RF or the same as television with one that features a more upgraded software, transmitting video over Cat5 for a clearer resolution and the opportunity to make dynamic content. Since the casino is also being renovated, the system that will be installed needed to scalable and can adapt to split screen, crawl messages, inserting video cameras from its well-known pool area, inserting meta data and flexible schedule process.

To determine the exact requirements for the deployment of the system, a number of meetings between Core Technology Incorporated, a certified partner of Scala base on Las Vegas, All Systems Go, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino's AV Vendor and the hotel's marketing and IT divisions are scheduled. During each meeting, demonstrations and talks about how the different options of the Scala InfoChannel, its capabilities and cost can answer Hard Rock's requirements.

Like any well-designed digital signage network, the planned deployment was completely made to fit the present and future requirement of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Once the plan is made, several meetings were held with the Hard Rock's IT and Facilities department managers to talk about the location of the media players, data drops, server and player locations, Hall Research Technologies, Cat5 video cable and rack area.

Timelines and milestones were also decided for making the jump from the present system to the Scala InfoChannel network. The whole installation process was very complicated since the property could not afford a long period without any video to its screens.


08/06/2008 04:35 PM


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