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CEO Summoned Questioning because of Illegal Online Casinos Advertising

Recently the CEO of Walla Communications, one of the most popular online entertainment portals in Israel, was summoned to questioning by the police after a search was conducted in the company offices. The CEO, Ilan Israeli, is under suspicion of illegally promoting gambling through the portal. The search was conducted a few months after the Justice Department warned that such searches would be made, and that illegal gambling was going to be put to an end in Israel for good.

Gambling in Israel is illegal, and this includes online casinos. While government sanctioned gambling is acceptable, the country is seeking to put an end to the number of online casinos advertising in Israel. However, the online casinos use a kind of legal loophole in order to advertise. While gambling in Israel is illegal, online casinos that are not based in the country can and do advertise gambling games, but specify that they are played abroad. In any case, many Israelis do gamble in the online casinos illegally, and this is what the Justice Department is seeking to stop.

Randy Jackson, Correspondent, 28.12.05


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