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Keno History

If you examine online casino games today, you see that Keno history is the oldest history of all of the casino games histories. The game was invented around 200 B.C., by a Chinese leader named Cheung Leung. He was the leader of a city at war for many years, and he stumbled upon trouble.

His army was running out of funds and supplies, and the residents refused to hand out any more taxes to the war effort. In an attempt to raise money, Cheung Leung created this game of chance wherein people placed bets on different characters of the Chinese alphabet, and won if their character were drawn randomly. Leung succeeded in raising more than enough money, and the city was saved from ruin.

This is how Keno history started, and it never stopped since. The game became known as the white pigeon game, because carrier pigeons were used to communicate the results of the game. This is an interesting Keno history connection to modern Keno, where the game is also linked in a network. The difference is that instead of pigeons, the internet Network is used in online casinos.

Modern Keno

The American Keno History started when Chinese immigrants came to the states to work on the railways in the mid 19 century. The game was then called Chinese lottery. In spite of anti gambling laws in the states, Keno history remained because of the Chinese American community who kept it alive. At some point the Keno rules were changed the Chinese lettering were changed to regular numbers.

In 1931, even though Nevada legalized gambling, there was still a law that prohibited lottery games. The casinos managed to overcome this difficulty by changing the game as if it was a race horse game. This way people wagered on horses numbers. Up until today the Keno game is still referred to as a race game. This managed to follow Keno history all these years, even though the lottery prohibition laws were lifted a few years later.

Today Keno history is changing, with Keno games being played in online casinos around the world. This new proliferation of the game guarantees it will stay alive in online casino games just as long as its history has existed.

Paula Fanter, Managing Editor


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