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Calculating Online Casino Keno Odds

Unlike other sites teaching Keno odds, we will not present complex charts with odd odds figures that are indecipherable even to professional players. Instead, we will teach you how to use Keno odds in an easy way to improve the number of games you win.

Keno resembles the lottery, and it has almost the same rules, apart from the fact that the house edge is about ten times smaller. This means that you have ten times as much chance to win a prize in Keno over the lottery. So why do people keep on buying lottery tickets instead of rushing to the nearest online casino? Because they are not aware of this fact, probably.

The more numbers you play in Keno, the smaller your Keno odds are to come up with all of them.

  • If you play only one number, the Keno odds for that number to get drawn are 3 to 1.
  • For getting two numbers the odds are 16 to 1.
  • For five numbers the odds are 1,550 to 1.
  • For getting ten numbers the odds are, amazingly, 8.9 million to 1.
  • Lastly, your odds of getting 15 numbers are about 400 million to 1.

Think of this last figure. Let's imagine you lost a suitcase full of money and it has traveled somewhere in the states. Your Keno odds for getting 15 numbers are the same as calling a person in the US randomly and getting by chance the same guy that got your suitcase. Though this is true, you can improve your Keno odds by playing the various betting types, something that can also make the game more fun in the online casino.

Keno is an online casino game that offers a relief when you play online casino games. With this game you do not need to think too much, and it costs you very little. Plus, you can never know, you just might find yourself winning the big jackpot. Same as Fred Hughes, who won the million dollar jackpot in 2004's Las Vegas Keno game.

Paula Fanter, Managing Editor


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