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LT Macau Collaborates With SJM For San Kin Yip Gaming Facility

On August 27th, 2008, casino games developer and manufacturer Paradise Entertainment announced that their company affiliate, LT Macau has finalized a formal agreement with the SJM or Sociedeade De Jogos De Macau to manage a gaming facility right at the San Kin Yip Commercial Facility, which will be a big help to the company's ambition of expanding their presence to the gambling market in Macau.

On December 2007, LT Macau and SJM publicly managed their very first electronic casino, the Paradise Entertainment facility at the 3rd floor of the San Kin Yip commercial center. With the immense success of the whole business set-up, the gaming facility occupies 5 more floor at San Kin Yip Center and strengthen the collaboration between the two companies. The gaming establishment, which can be found near the Lisboa Hotel and Casino and opposite of the vast Wynn Macau Resort, the Paradise Entertainment Establishment, which is in its final phase of modification, has a gaming area of 172,820 square feet.

It also offers seven hundred thirty electronic casino table terminals and slot machines and 80 casino table games like the well-known Paradise Jackpot Progressive Baccarat tables. The casino decided to install the baccarat tables because their customers really like it.

The partnership states that LT Macau will get fifty-five percent of the net win from the casino games and forty percent from slot machines, while SJM will be paying the 40 percent gaming tax of the total net win of the casino. LT Macau will pay the rental costs, labor costs and other costs that will be incurred by Sociedeade de Jogos.

Jay Chun, the Head and Managing Director of Paradise Entertainment Limited, Jay Chun commented that they are very happy with their partnership with SJM and are looking forward on the results of the partnership in the near future. Chun said that the Progressive Baccarat tables will help them gain a niche in the Macau gaming market.


09/15/2008 07:55 PM


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