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Madigan Wants To Modify Gambling Board

On November 23rd, 2007, riverboat casino gaming is already a significant business in Illinois but it could be soon much larger. A major gaming expansion could place the state in the ranks of Nevada and New Jersey as one of the important gaming destinations in the U.S. But before that becomes a reality, House Speaker Michael Madigan commented that the gaming board that handles the casino industry needs to be modified.

Madigan wants to change the Illinois Gambling Board with five brand new members approved by a blue ribbon committee, which is separate from the board from the state agency that currently handles it and appoint a gambling enforcement director and inspector general to look for gaming and ethics law violations, Madigan said that there is nothing wrong with the present board, they just want to speed up things. But the proposed change is already getting criticism from important parties.

Tom Swoik of the Illinois Casino Gambling Commission Association said that the casino industry in Illinois possesses one of the most regulated industries and the Gaming Board has not been lax in their job. The state currently has nine riverboat casinos with the 10th stuck in legal matters. Some gaming expansion scenarios include one huge casino in Chicago or allowing up to four casinos.

Legislators said that the casinos could help pay for road, school and other government projects. But Madigan commented any gaming expansion must be handled with one strictest regulation in the state. The Gaming Board is composed of 130 employees and its administrative duties are supervise by the state Department of Revenue and the members are appointed by the Senate.

The board's task is to keep an eye on the riverboat operations in the county like licensing and others. Madigan wants a new gaming board with members that have an experience in law and accounting. The new members will receive the same amount as what the judges are getting and they will be pick by a nine member panel compose by the Illinois Supreme Court. Casinos would also need to pay $250,000 annually for license renewal.

Legislators and casino industry officials have mixed views regarding the plan. Advocacy organizations like the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform and Chicago Crime Commission strongly backed the idea. A spokesperson for Gov. Rod Blagojevich commented that the administration wants to make sure that the board is independent and that no one will interfere with its activities and decision. Republican leaders said that they will support the revamping of the gambling board.

A spokesperson for Senate Minority Leader Frank Watson, Republican-Greenville commented that his caucus has pushed for prohibitions like the code of conduct for the board members and a ban on monetary interests.


12/02/2007 06:20 PM


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