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Help Prevent Internet Gambling Prohibition Legislation

Members of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) are gathering together to try and prevent congressman Bob Goodlatte from passing a law which will prohibit gambling over the internet.

Unlike the U.S. Wire Act of 1961 which prohibited placing of bets or wagers on wire communication such as telephone lines, the new law suggests to ban internet gambling. has joined to support and try to prevent such legislation.
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Dear Rep. ________________,

I am writing you to let you know that one of your constituent, Rep Bob Goodlatte, has introduced a bill (HR 4777) that is unequalled it it's hypocrisy, lies, and discrimination of an industry.

His proposal to ban online gambling is riddled with lies, half-truths, and paranoid suspicions. This industry does not target children and it never has. This industry is not filled with criminals but honest hard working men and women of integrity. This industry does not hurt individuals or their families, but supports patriotic Americans who helped vote you into office.

There are millions of American citizens across this great country who enjoy playing a $20 game of poker online, or spending $50 at an online slot machine, and do so responsibly with no harm to themselves or their families. Goodlatte proposes to penalize these millions of responsible tax-payers by a distorted view of the facts, and by twisting statistics to fit his own moral agenda.

The American people do not support this bill, and I am holding you responsible to make my voice heard on this! The online gaming industry is LEGAL and REGULATED within the United Kingdom! It is accepted and run from other civilized countries around the globe, and the real issue here is MONEY... everything else is smoke and mirrors to support Goodlatte's pursuit of this money.

The online gambling industry did NOT grow to a $12 billion a year business by HURTING people. That $12 billion did NOT come from targeting minors! It came from a dedication to customer service and an HONEST business model. The competition is too great to act unethically, and the rewards are too great to operate dishonestly. In fact, with all the SELF-REGULATION that goes on inside this industry, I dare say we have less dirty laundry that the Congress with which you serve.

Goodlatte has failed to research this subject completely. He has failed to realize the potential of this industry. And he has failed to recognize the will of the American people. I implore you to act before he casts this great nation back into the dark ages of prohibition... which we know does not work.

If you pass this legislation, you will be equally responsible for yet another "war" against your own people. One that will wage for years, and one where honest, responsible, tax paying, patriotic American citizens will be persecuted and prosecuted for an act of recreation which they should have a right to enjoy in the privacy of their own homes.

Written by Ken Blechdom. Webmaster of


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