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New Mexico To Launch 4th Casino on July 1st, 2008

A New Mexico American Indian Tribe is launching on what will be the 4th Albuquerque casino next week and it is hoping that players will help pay their $100 million bill. The Isleta Casino and Resort plans to open their doors to customers on July 1st, 2008. And now that four resort facilities and casino establishments that surround the metropolitan area, the stiff competition for the gambling dollar has never been bigger.

A local economist stated that the large-four casino facilities, Sandia, Santa Ana, Isleta and Route 66, earned 2/3 of the state's gaming profits but he said that the majority of the cash wagered in the casinos is spend by New Mexican residents and that is one of the reasons why the tribe is trying so hard to attract tourists to their casinos.

Isleta Pueblo Lieutenant Governor Max A. Zuni commented that they are not only putting their hopes on the residents in New Mexico but are also hoping to attract customers from Texas, Colorado, Arizona and other nearby states. UNB economist Dr. Larry Waldman commented that the profits from these states is not endless but he added that the numbers shows improvement like the Isleta Casino so they are confident that the casino should not have any difficulty paying for themselves.

Officials of Isleta said that they can pay for their expansion activities in 8 years.


07/06/2008 03:21 PM


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