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MGM Grand Detroit Sells Casino Materials at Temporary Casino Facility

On March 19th, 2008, the gold line mirrors and portraits that once decorated the walls of the MGM Grand Detroit casino facility are not neatly line around what use to be the gaming floor of the casino. Aside from that, stoves, cabinets and other miscellaneous materials that the casino did not give or relocated to brand new MGM Grand casino are filed neatly in one place. All of these materials can now be bought by the public at a price.

They will also be sold at a liquidation sale which will run until all of the items are gone, according to leaders at the Gordon Co. and JG Resources, which will handle the sale of the items. Some of the other items include television sets, portraits of the 1950s movie stars, blackjack and roulette tables and others. The temporary casino facility opened back in July 1999 in the former IRS establishment.

MGM spent more than two hundred thousand dollars to transform it into a 300,000-square-foot entertainment establishment with 75,000 ft. of gaming area and some eating establishments. MGM moved out of the building in October and into their permanent casino facility worth $800 million just a block away.

Thirty-seven year old James Conifer from Farmington Hills was one of the people who have bought some of the desk and chairs for his new office, which cost $40 each. MGM spokesperson Scott Griggs commented that they have donated five trailers full of kitchen, office supplies and materials in the area. He added that they will decide if they will sell or lease the property after the sale of all of the equipment is finished.


04/24/2008 01:37 PM


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