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MichGO Organization Files Lawsuit to Block Gun Lake Casino Before the Supreme Court

On July 28th, 2008, the final option for an organization that has spent a lot of time trying to block a tribal casino facility from opening in Allegan County could be done by the U.S. Supreme Court. A decision issued by the Washington D.C. Circuit Court not to review the case that has blocked the gambling operation that clears the way for a final case to the Supreme Court by the Michigan Gambling Opposition. The Gun Lake Band of Pottawatomi Indians plan to open the Gun Lake Casino in the location of the former Ampro factory off U.S. 131 in Allegan County.

MichGO recently filed a request for a stay, which would block further development on making a reservation for the casino while the case filed by MichGO is still being heard on the Supreme Court. The decision dismissed on what is known as en banc or a hearing attended by all of the Judges of the Washington D.C. Circuit Court. If a stay is given, the case would continue to prevent the Interior Department's earlier decision to put the land of the Gun Lake Tribe into trust.

The tribe plans to construct a $200 million casino facility on what would be their sovereign tribal land. The stay would be like to one given after MichGO lost their case in the U.S. Circuit Court in 2007 and filed an appeal on the case. It would be 6 months or more before the Supreme Court decides on whether they will review the MichGO case.

The Gun Lake Tribe, which refused to further comment on the issue, has said that the casino would employ around 1,800 people and would give millions of dollars to the local economy. Convincing the Supreme Court to review the case may be hard. The high court only hears around five percent of the cases filed there.


08/24/2008 04:41 PM


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