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Ohio Voters to Decide on Columbus Casino Relocation Issue

Ohio state voters approved the construction of a Columbus casino back in November 2009 and on April 27th, 2010, they will again vote on the location of the casino facility. Even before the casino issue goes before voters on Tuesday, the developers of the Columbus facility have continued the demolition of the former Delphi Auto plant.

Penn National is the gaming developer that will construct the first casino facility in Columbus. Penn originally was prepared to construct the gaming facility in the Arena District, but those plans have been put on hold. Ohio voters will decide on Tuesday on whether to approve the casino relocation.

Supporters of the plan are doing everything to ensure that the plan passes, like running advertisements across Ohio. Meanwhile, Penn National and Columbus are both moving along with the casino facility plans. Trustees of Franklin Township have decided 2-1 in favor of a revenue sharing deal with Columbus.

The Township will receive $67 million over a 50 year period and Columbus will be permitted to annex the casino location. There has not been a lot of opposition to the casino relocation proposal. Members of both Democratic and Republican parties have both supported the plan, leaving state voters as the lone obstacle on the issue.

A majority decision is all that is required to approve the amendment. In November 2009, Ohio state voters passed casinos for the 1st time ever after numerous failed attempts by pro-gaming organizations. The consent of the state voters allowed for casino facilities to be constructed in Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus and Cincinnati.

Three of the four casino locations were not contested but community and business officials in Columbus felt that building the casino facility in the Arena District will affect the family friendly area.


05/31/2010 13:37 PM


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