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Prairie Band Petitions to Stop Harrah's Casino Plans in Kansas

On August 26th, 2008, the Prairie Band Potawatomie Nation wants a judge to block Harrah's Entertainment Incorporated from going forward with their plans to construct and operate a casino facility in Kansas. The tribe manages a casino facility that Harrah's Entertainment once managed. It told Shawnee County District Court Judge David Bruns that Harrah's Entertainment violated a non-compete gaming agreement that it signed with the Prairie Band Potawatomie in January.

The agreement stated that Harrah's Entertainment would not construct, advertise or support expansion of gaming in Kansas for a year and would not manage a casino facility for two years. Harrah's has won a contract to construct and managed a state-owned casino facility in Sumner County. The state of Kansas is currently reviewing casino applications from various gaming organizations who want a hand on managing the state-owned casinos in Kansas like in Sumner and Wyandotte Counties.

Harrah's officials said that they did not violate any agreement because the casino facilities were made by state law and the Sumner County casino facility would not open to the public until the agreement with the Prairie Band Potawatomie Nation expires. Bruns did not say on when he will decide on the case.


09/16/2008 07:56 PM


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