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Recovering Gaming Addicts Impartial About Governor Patrick's Casino Plan

On March 6th, 2008, gambling addicts when public that day with heart rending stories of heartache in connection with gaming addiction as a State House face off looms over plan to allow gaming facilities. But the former gaming addicts said an unexpected message, commenting that they are impartial on Governor Patrick's plan to host three casino facilities in the state, which is valued at $3 billion.

One of the main reasons is that the state is planning to allocate money to combat the expected increased of gaming addiction problem. The Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gaming, which organized the event, is forming a commitment equivalent that was done by Canada, which allocates one percent to two percent of all casino profits to answer the problem of gaming addiction.

It is comparable to a proposal in Gov. Patrick's casino bill, which would allocate $50 million annually to combat gaming addiction and other related problems. Jim Wuelfing from the Council spoke at the gathering as well as other former gaming addicts.

Joe, the husband of Joanne, who is a recovering gaming addict, said that he did not have any problems with the casinos but he is happy that something will be given back to the people. On the other hand, Joanne spent all of her cash in playing until all of their finances were drained.


04/03/2008 00:54 PM


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