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Revel Entertainment Receives Coastal Area Facilities Review Act Permit

On November 23rd, 2007, Revel Entertainment's planned $2 billion casino/hotel project has passed its most difficult environmental hurdle and the building of the casino's foundation is expected to start soon.

The 20 acre boardwalk location next to the Showboat Casino/Hotel received their Coastal Area Facilities Review Act permit, according to a statement released by Revel Entertainment. Acquiring a Coastal Area Facilities Review Act permit is important to any casino organization that wants to construct along the coastal project in the state of New Jersey.

Revel Entertainment's casino project will be called Revel and will open in the 2nd half of 2010. Revel recently revealed the architectural drawings show two large thin towers facing the ocean perpendicularly. The interior complex between the Revel Towers is in a round shape so that it looks like it has been sculpted by the waves of the ocean.

Revel must still decide whether to construct both towers once or one a time depending on the economic conditions. At 700 feet, the Revel towers will be the biggest building I Atlantic City and will showcase 1,900 rooms per tower. Revel will collaborate with investment organization Morgan Stanley to construct the project, which will be the 12th casino in Atlantic City.


12/03/2007 06:21 PM


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