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Robert DeLeo Announce that Casino Plan Can Affect Slots Machines in Wonderland Greyhound Park

On February 20th, 2008, state representative Robert DeLeo commented that the complex process regarding the approval of Gov. Deval Patrick's casino gambling plan undermines the merits of placing slot machines in the Wonderland Greyhound Park and other racing tracks in Massachusetts.

DeLeo commented that Gov. Patrick's plan of opening three casino resorts on the state will have a hard time because of the political climate and the acquisition of permits. He added that it is still unclear on what will be the outcome of the whole deal but it does makes sense on what Governor Patrick is trying to do.

Revere will be directly hit by any casino plan that will be made by the state. Richard Fields, a shareholder at the Suffolk Downs is making a full use of the courts to get one of the casino licenses that Gov. Patrick is trying to build in Massachusetts. Suffolk predicted that a casino in the state could produce 5,600 full time jobs with interesting benefits, ten thousand construction jobs and 5,600 part-time jobs as well as give the state $1 billion in gross profits,which will be divided to the cities and towns in the state.

Slot supporters commented that the slot machines could produce $470 million for the state and give new job opportunities for the residents in Revere aside from those employees that are already working in Wonderland. Patrick is currently looking for support on his casino plan to the labor unions in the state.


03/18/2008 23:05 PM


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