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How to Calculate Online Casino Roulette Odds

If you want to learn the roulette odds, and the chances of winning in the online casino game, you can look no further, and use the roulette odds chart on this page. Here you'll learn how many games you will win in roulette, how many will the casino win, how much money you'll lose in the process of betting, and what are the percentages of the house edge.

Casino Gaming Online players use roulette odds, in order to calculate their chances of winning in the online casino roulette game. Roulette odds may sound intimidating and complicated, but actually they're not.

Learning roulette odds are the next step after learning the roulette rules, in order to become a winning gambler, and play the right game of roulette.

If you bet 1 dollar on a straight bet (a bet on a single number), your roulette odds are 37 to 1. This means that in general, for every 37 games you play, you will win one game. For that winning bet, where you wagered one dollar, you would get a payoff of 35 to 1, meaning you'll win 35$.

This is how you can understand the roulette odds for any of the bets, as written in the chart below.

The next table depicts roulette odds for each roulette bet, played on a typical online casino game when each wager is 1$:

Roulette Bet Numbers You Bet on Payoff House Odds Player Wins Casino Wins House Edge
Straight up one number 35:1 38:1 $35 $37 5.26%
Split Bet two numbers 17:1 38:2 $34 $36 5.26%
Street Bet three numbers 11:1 38:3 $33 $35 5.26%
Corner bet four number 8:1 38:4 $32 $34 5.26%
Five Numbers bet five numbers 6:1 38:5 $30 $33 7.89%
Line Bet six numbers 5:1 38:6 $30 $32 5.26%
Column bet twelve numbers 2:1 38:12 $24 $26 5.26%
Dozen bet twelve number 2:1 38:12 $24 $26 5.26%
Red or Black bet eighteen number 1:1 38:18 $18 $20 5.26%
Even or Odd bet eighteen number 1:1 38:18 $18 $20 5.26%
Low or High bet eighteen number 1:1 38:18 $18 $20 5.26%

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