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Online Blackjack Rules - How To Play Blackjack on the Internet

In this section we will explain about the different online blackjack rules, about the play options blackjack players have, about the different stages of the game, and about how to play the game through and through. Blackjack is a very popular game and is played in almost any online casino.

The goal of online blackjack is to reach 21 points, also called blackjack, with the cards you are dealt. The basic idea of the game is to reach a hand value that is closer to 21 that the dealer's card value, without passing 21. Players passing 21 bust out and lose their wager.

According to Blackjack rules, blackjack should be played with a 52 deck of cards.

The numbered cards (2 to 10), in online blackjack rules, have face value. This means that the 7 card is worth seven, for example.

The picture cards, including the jack, the queen and the king, count as 10 points.

The ace has two values, it can be counted as either a 1 or an 11, and the player can choose which value it will be.

The ace is the strongest card because it makes a winning blackjack with any 10 point card.

Before the game starts you need to place your wager on the right place, which, for online blackjack, is usually somewhere near the dealer's figure.

At first, the dealer deals two cards to each player, in a clockwise rotation. The dealer also deals two cards to himself. According to online blackjack rules, all of the cards are dealt face up, except one of the dealer's cards, that is faced down. The dealer's card facing up is called the upcard, and the one facing down is called the hole card.

Rules of Blackjack Play Action

According to online blackjack rules, each player can either hit, stand, double down, split, surrender, and get insurance.

  • Hit - Be dealt another card.
  • Stand - Stay with current cards.
  • Double down - Double the original bet and receive only one more card.
  • Split - Make two separate hands out of two cards by adding another betting sum.
  • Surrender - Losing half of your bet and folding your hand.
  • Get insurance - An option that is available if the dealer shows an ace.

The dealer draws when the card's value is 16 or less, and stands if the value is 17 or higher. After the players have finished drawing hands, the dealer resolves the score.

Mark Johanson, Journalist


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