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Online Casino Keno Rules - How To Play the Internet Keno Game

Keno is one of the simplest online casino games available, and the keno rules are easy to know. Even though it's an easy to learn game, you should know a few basic know-how's before you start playing keno.

One of the advantages of the keno rules is that it is easy to play and master. The goal of keno is to choose a number or a few numbers from 1 to 80 that match the numbers that are taken during a race or a few races.

The prize for keno depends upon a few variables including: how many numbers you got that matched drawn numbers, the initial bet you've made, and whether you bet regularly or with a special rate. These are set by the online casino keno rules that determine such factors.

Keno is entirely determined by chance, so the keno player doesn’t have to learn complex strategies and tricks.

Folowing Keno Rules for Winning

Keno resembles a lottery game, because in both cases to gamble on numbers you choose. The difference is that keno is much more flexible, and is played in online casinos. Here you can choose how many numbers you bet on at any game, in the range of 1-15. In every keno round twenty numbers are drawn, and in order to win the jackpot 15 of those numbers need to match your numbers. If fewer numbers match, you then win smaller amounts of money. The prizes change for every different online casinos, so you should check out the casinos rates before entering a game. The catch is the name for a number which you have matched. After winning it is most important to verify your payout with the online casino. This is written in the keno rules that you should read before you play.

The Casino Keno Ticket

  • A keno ticket is a card with two sets that have forty numbers each.
  • Those numbers follow from 1-40 on one set and 41-80 on the other.
  • Selecting numbers is done by marking the box under the number with an "X".
  • The blank box on the card is the place where you fill in you wager for a game, how many games you want to play, and the full wager for all the bets. This applies to Keno rules used by most online casinos.
  • There is another box where you fill in how many spots you want to use in the game.

After you mark you card numbers, you'll see the numbers turning up on your computer screen, and you can mark your winning numbers. If you want you can also by a multi race ticket, so you can play non-stop for 20 games or more. This multi race game is available for most online casinos around the world.

Keno Betting

There are two types of bets according to keno rules: straight bets and way bets. In a straight bet, you pick your choice of numbers and place a minimum bet on each race.

With way bets the numbers you've marked are divided into different sets. This gives you the option to not only win if the numbers come up, but to win if one of the sets come up. Lets say you place your bet on 3, 7, 11, 34, 56, 44, and you pair them 3-7, 11-34, 56-44. If only 3 and 7 came up, and you haven’t paired them, you wouldn’t have won anything. But if they came up and you paired them, you would win for choosing a pair. These Keno rules give you an edge if you play for high stakes.

With Combination way bets you can combine the ways you've selected between themselves. In our previous example, you could make the bet into a combination bet by combining the 3 groups between themselves. You can have 3 groups of 4 numbers combined. For example, one of these groups are 3,7,11 and 34,56,44.

Playing keno is really fun and can take down the pressure and stress of daily work or other high strong online casino games. The Keno rules described earlier will help you be a better keno player, as long as you keep practicing.

Tera Lee - Gaming and Casino Journalist. 4/10/2006


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