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San Pasqual Casino Development Organization Not Bothered by Tribal Politics

On August 5th, 2008, the head of the group that manages the Valley View Casino stated in statement for their investors that the Valley Center gaming hall is not bothered by tribal politics. Joe Navarro, the group's Chief Executive Officer said that the San Pasqual Casino Development Organization is one hundred percent confident that the San Pasqual Band will solve their difference. He added that the Valley View Downs continues to grow.

The local superintendent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs told the tribal leaders that their government had broken down over a membership problem and only tribal governments can manage businesses. The National Indian Gaming Commission, which handles tribal gaming operations across the U.S., is examining the situation with the tribe. But Navarro said in a statement that things are manageable in San Pasqual.

In November 2004, the Indian Tribe made a separate entity, the casino development organization, with the goal of protecting the tribe's gambling operations, the Valley View Casino, from the effects of the Internal Tribal Affairs. He added that the casino is planning to start the construction of the 161 room hotel by breaking ground in 3 weeks. The casino development organization is trying to restructure the credit that it incurred to buyout a previous management and expand the facility.


08/21/2008 04:40 PM


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