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Slots Betting Types

There are various betting types to choose form in the online casino games. In this guide we will give you detail on all of them.

  • European Slots are three or six reels slot machines that are also called fruit slots.
  • Australian Slots are poker machines that have a video display and appear as regular five reel slots only with more bonuses and special features.
  • Japanese Slots are skill slots, meaning slot machines where the player is the one who stops the reels. More over, they usually cost less that other machines and have very vibrant colures to them.
  • American Slots are the most common form of slots betting types that are seen in Las Vegas casino games and in the movies.
  • Three Reel Slots are the classic version of the game, where you have three reels that spin and a single winning line to win, and thus have the easiest slots rules.
  • Five Reel Slots are usually more visually beautiful and have a better technology to them, as they allow you to win for multiple lines as well sometimes.
  • Video Slots are now very popular online casino versions of slots, especially video poker games that have been around in slots history since the early 80's.
  • Progressive Jackpots are perhaps the most sought games as they allow the jackpot to accumulate to ridiculous sums, granting sometimes millions of dollars in prizes for just a few bucks put in the machine.
  • Free Slots are the final betting type for online slots games, and even though they are popular it is a bit boring, because you are spinning the reel without the chance to win any cash.

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