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Slots History

Even though slot machines are the symbol for modernity, and online slots offer the most recent software technological developments, slot machines games have been around for more than 115 years.

Slots history begins with the first mechanical slot machines that were introduced during the 1890s. These games offered prizes such as cigarette boxes or sweets. The earlier versions of slots offered similar instructions for playing slots. The Player had to insert a coin into the slot and pull on a lever in order to spin the reels. If the reels stopped for the right combination of symbols, then the player won.

The first machines in slots history used springs to spin the reels and metal breaking plate to stop them. This was considered top notch technology and amazed gamblers who wanted to try this amazing machine that had flashing bright lights and game out prizes. Great craftsmanship was needed to build such slot machines, and it took months, sometime years, to build one slot machine.

Electricity was introduced to slots history during the 1930s, when a motor was used to operate the reels. This made for a more reliable slot machine that didn’t require as much maintenance.

During the 1960s another breakthrough was made in slots history, after electromechanical technology was adopted for slot machines. This was a major change that allowed for a widespread array of different slots games. Slots makers were now able to make differently themed and set up slot machines, as well as machines with different payout rates.

Today all slot machines, including slots in online casino games and in real life casinos, are controlled by computers and micro processors. This has allowed for a proliferation of online slots games and variations, including games that include flash technology and 3D graphics.

Paula Fanter, Managing Editor


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