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Star City Casino Files Lawsuit Against Australian Tax Office

On July 23, 2007, the Star City Casino facility is publicly protesting over a dismissed tax deduction claim for $120 million in rental payments back in 1994 and has filed a case against the tax office.

6 separate instances have been recorded by the Federal Court in Melbourne over the dismissal of the tax deduction. Star City spokesperson, Peter Grimshaw, commented that the evidence regarding the company's claim for a tax deduction of the payment of the Star City Casino's rental fee from 1995 to 2005.

Grimshaw said that Star City Casino has claimed a tax deduction of $120 million for the rent that was paid to occupy the location of the gambling casino. According to Grimshaw, the whole thing is a mess right now. He said that Star City Casino's claim was dismissed by the Australian Taxation Office.

A spokesperson for the Australian Taxation Office said that they will not comment on the case for the time being. Grimshaw said that Star City Casino rents their location from the New South Wales Casino Control Authority on a 99 year lease. The lawsuit is currently being heard by Justice Michelle Gordon.


08/02/2007 23:25 PM


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