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The Statewide Win of the Casinos in Las Vegas

On March 3rd, 2008, the high rollers or "whales" that made the month of October last year a very fruitful and profitable month for the casino facilities in the state of Las Vegas, Nevada, disappeared in November, causing the biggest drop in gaming wins in more than six decades. The statewide casino win back in November is at $981.1 million, which dropped down from a healthy 14% compared with the same period back in 2006.

The main problem for this immense downslide in casino wins was baccarat, where the casino win slide down more than sixty percent to just a mere $47.8 million. That is an $80 million big dropped compared with the 2006 total baccarat casino win. Analyst Frank Streshley commented that the overall amount bet by players in baccarat fall down in November 2006 by sixty-five percent.

Some of the reasons that analysts can see why the total baccarat casino win was good back at that time are the rolling stones concert and the Barbara Streisand concert that happened in Las Vegas and the boxing fight featuring Floyd Mayweather which attracted a lot of big time players in the state. This year, there are no big events that can attract players in Las Vegas.

However, Frank Streshley commented that casino operators are hopeful that the month of December will attract high-rollers back in the casinos in the southern part of Nevada with a new bout of Mayweather and the upcoming celebrations for the New Year. Total slot win all over the state slides down about 7.7% to $657 million. The slide was also bad new for officials.

Throughout the month of October, gambling profit collections were just $5.3 million below the predicted profits to make the state budget. While the news was bleak all over the world, the Carson Valley Area, which includes the part of Douglas County as well as Carson City, achieve a good result of about $9.98 million. The month of July was down by 4.4% in the location and the month of September and October slide down by 6%.

Stateline casinos achieve a downgrade of 3% to $22 million. The casino facilities in North Shore slide down about 4.2% with the slot machines suffering a 9.3% slide. Game and casino table game win improved by 15% at Crystal Bat, those casinos offered only a few casino table games. The total casino win declared was $2.7 million for the month.


03/19/2008 23:14 PM


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