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Traffic Study Needed for the Approval of North Shore Casino Plans

On May 26, 2007, the casino plans of North Shore will be approved by Noor Ismail, Pittsburgh's Planning Director, as long as the studies on the effect of the casino on traffic in the area conducted by Northshore are submitted on time.

Some of the opponents of the plan, like football home team the Pittsburgh Steelers, went as far as to threaten that they will sue the city if the traffic study is not conducted by the North Shore officials, especially during the Steelers' game day.

The Pittsburgh Steelers' complaints were later supported by the Pirates and the Carnegie Science Center. Previously, the Carnegie Science Center made a request to North Shore officials about building a pedestrian tunnel near their facility as part of the improvements from the building of the North Shore Casino.

The Carnegie Science Center later announced that they would be taking the pedestrian request back to North Shore officials. Majestic Star consented to the traffic studies as long as they are allowed to continue building their gambling casino.

The North Shore Casino still needs the Supreme Court's approval, especially with the license given to them in December 2006 by the Pennsylvania Gaming Board after 2 losing applicants appealed the Pennsylvania Gaming Board's decision to award one of the licenses to the North Shore Casino.

The Pittsburgh Steelers hired a consultant and said that the traffic study on the Pittsburgh Steelers game day should be an important consideration with the approval of the final plans for the North Shore Casino.


06/17/2007 21:49 PM


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