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Trinidad Casino Employees Relieved About Job Security

On September 20th, 2007, the more than 7,000 gambling employees in the gaming industry in Trinidad and Tobago are hoping that their jobs will be safe regardless of which group triumphs the upcoming election.

At a conference held at the NUGFW hall in Port of Spain, the Union of Members Clubs and Lottery Workers member Stephen Stanisclaus commented that they already have received some assurances that from two other political organizations that the casino will be strictly regulated and continue its operation.

With Patrick Manning's recent statement regarding the expansion of the industry for another 5 years, the members of the Union of Members Clubs and Lottery Workers have been able to avail of loans and rent leases because of the security that their jobs will not disappear.

Stanisclaus commented that no official agreement was finalized between the UMCLW and Minister of Finance Patrick Manning. He added that the employees were assured that the prime minister's comments was true and the phase out of the casino industry will not drastically affect their way of life anytime in the future.

Robert Giuseppi, the President of the National Trade Union Center Robert Giuseppi commented that Manning realized that he had no choice but to acknowledge the influence of the 7,000 citizens and anybody who receive power after the elections would have to deliver on the promises made by Manning if they do not want to have a big problem on their hands.


11/12/2007 05:16 PM


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