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Union Organizations Will Stop Support for Anti-Casino Legislators

On April 5th, 2008, Massachusetts legislators who have changed their votes to support Speaker Salvatore DiMasi blocked Governor Deval Patrick's casino proposal now must think about the effect with the state voters. DiMasi allegedly promised political advancement and appointments to convince lawmakers to vote in his favor but the problem for those lawmakers swayed may be holding in their position.

Teamsters Union officials, disappointed that the casino job opportunities that they dreamed of will not pushed through, notified the state representatives who helped blocked the casino proposal and said that they would be pushing for the candidate against them in the next state referendum. The AFL-CIO commented that they will factor the legislator's stand regarding casino proposal on their decision if they will support that particular candidate or not.

Di Masi's office tried to soften the problem, releasing a statement which says that there are a lot of difficult votes that have taken place like an increased in minimum salary, parental leave and others which have been weathered by the state legislature. The president of the Teamsters Local Union No. 25, Sean O'Brien commented that there are only a few employment opportunities in the state of Massachusetts that do not need a college education. He added that they believe that the casinos can answer this problem.

Some of the legislators under scrutiny were disheartened by the reaction of the union. Representative Michael Rodrigues said that it all comes down to the question "What have you accomplished for me lately?" But legislators still need to be aware that there is an intense interest on the casino issue.

While other legislators that have been critical of the issue from the start can claim that the issue violates their moral values, other legislators who have been swayed by the promises of political gain by DiMasi should suffer for their easily-swayed beliefs.


04/22/2008 01:35 PM


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