Hotel Room Gambling Up for Discussion in Atlantic City

Proposals which could allow gambling from hotel rooms with mobile casinos will be discussed this week.

A proposal allowing hotel room gambling using mobile devices will be discussed in Atlantic City this week.

To address under-age gambling concerns, only approved gamers could access the wireless devices, an account would be set up and, potentially, the devices would not work outside the casino's perimeter.

Following its 2006 rejection in Atlantic City, experts think the proposal now has a fighting chance, as Senator Jim Whelan chairs the Committee which will discuss the bills. Senator Whelan believes Atlantic City must move with technological advances, and that the scheme would cement Atlantic City's status as a premier gambling resort.

He said, “Young people play computer games, they use iPads and smart-phones. It makes sense to recognize what was not even thought of 30 years ago and is now a reality.”

A second bill would allow tax-breaks for companies building non-gaming establishments in the resorts. Reportedly, only projects requiring $20,000,000 in capital and that would benefit the state would qualify.


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