PokerStars Shows Interest in Purchasing Atlantic City Hilton

Recent reports in the online gambling industry have claimed that PokerStars - one of the premier poker destinations on the internet - has shown an interest in buying Atlantic City Hilton, a bricks and mortar casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The casino is currently owned by Colonial Capital and it is believed that it might sell for under $50 million.

Due to the state's struggling economy, as well as the damage caused by flooding from Hurricane Sandy, Atlantic City casinos haven't been fairing too well. As a result, some owners of these gambling establishments are considering selling.

According to reports, whether or not a deal is made between the two gambling operators heavily depends on if online gambling is legalized in New Jersey.  This is a subject of much debate in the state, as a bill may soon be passed to legalize online betting. PokerStars hopes that with the passing of the bill they'll have a legal way to bring online poker to New Jersey.


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