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Alabama Lawmakers Discuss Legislation to Regulate Alabama Gaming Industry

Governor Robert Riley has put a considerable amount of time and resources into starting his Task Force on Illegal Gaming. While the Task Force continues to crackdown on the gambling market in Alabama, legislators will begin talks on February 16th, 2010 that could make the Task Force irrelevant in the future.

The Alabama Senate is expected to start talks on Tuesday about proposed legislation that would effectively regulate casino facilities in Alabama. Legislators have also agreed to a three day discussion in the state legislature next week as opposed to the usual two days. There is a solid support among lawmakers to correct the problems Alabama is facing with their gaming market.

While many in the state believe that the bingo machines that are being offered in casino facilities are legal, Gov. Riley has decided that they are not. The decision has caused pressure to correctly define the bingo machines.

Thousands of individuals in Alabama are employed by gaming facilities and the recent shutdown of two of the biggest casino destinations have caused people in the state to begin losing faith in Gov. Riley and his task force.

To approve the law that would permit and regulate electronic bingo in ten areas throughout the state, 21 out of 35 senators would have to give their consent. That number appears manageable for pro-gaming lawmakers.

However, changes may have to be made to the proposal. Some legislators would like more than 10 locations and although they favor gaming, they would not vote for proposal in its present form.

Senator Hank Sanders is one of those legislators, pointing to the fact that Greene County already has Greenetrack and Sanders wants additional choices in the county.


02/17/2010 11:57 PM


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