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Buffalo Residents Hoping that Seneca Casino Will Attract More Tourists

On April 12th, 2008, Phil Pantano of Seneca Gaming said that their temporary casino facility keeps on attracting more customers each day eventhough it only features slot machines and has a simple facade. The Seneca Buffalo Tribe's temporary casino facility opened last July 2007.

Seneca Gaming said that they have been getting good crowds since their opening but that numbers will be minimum compared with their predictions for the number of visitors that will visit their permanent casino facility when it opens on 2010.

Jay Whitney from the W.J. Morrissey Irish Pub said that they are looking forward with the opening of the permanent casino facility of the Seneca Tribe because it will be good for business. He said that he is also hoping to attract the employees of the casino who will go out of the facility to take a break or after their shift.

Aside from that, there are no major changes that are happening in the area. Whitney said that the more visitors that come in their area, the better for their businesses.


04/23/2008 01:37 PM


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